Different Tastes of La Croix

There are over twenty flavors of La Croix!

You may know that La Croix is one of the world’s most popular brands of sparkling water. But have you ever taken a look inside each flavor?



Pamplemousse may sound like a funny word to us, but it is actually the French word for grapefruit. Grapefruit is a select taste, but those who like it…love it!



Lime La Croix is one of the most popular flavors in existence. The majority of La Croix fans will list Lime as a favorite. No matter what the beverage, citrus flavors are sure to please!



Pure is just that…pure! This is La Croix’s only non-flavored sparkling water. The clean taste is crisp and refreshing to those who enjoy this flavor. Purely La Croix and nothing else.



Apricot is an unusual sparkling water flavor. This makes it all that much more appealing. Released in 2014, Apricot La Croix brings something to the table that you’ve never seen!



Lemon is forever a crowd pleaser. The great thing about the lemon flavor of this water is that you get the fizz and the citrusy taste without the floating pulp to ruin your beverage!



As popular as Lemon and Lime are, Orange flavors are even more broadly preferred. Orange keeps the citrus tang without adding any sour bite! Sweet and tangy? Yes, please!


Melón Pomelo

An odd combo, Melon Pomelo, or pink grapefruit cantaloupe, adds a collision of flavors you won’t believe. The combination of sweet and tangy is unlike any other.


Cerise Limón

Cerise Limon, or Cherry Lime, is an integration of both Spanish and French culture. A new flavor that is not yet as widespread as the older flavors, though every bit as punchy!



Coconut La Croix has been known to make one feel as if they are spending their summer on a tropical island under the sun. Fresh, cool, and oh so coconut-ty!



Passionfruit is a fragrant La Croix water for those who are passionate about passion fruit! The strong flavor is pleasing to those who want something bigger and bolder.


Kiwi Sandia

What’s sweeter than kiwis and watermelon? Taste Kiwi Sandia and you’ll see that “not much” is the answer. The taste of Kiwi Sandia is the closest to candy any La Croix drink has gotten.


Piña Fraise

This tall can could be the boldest of them all. Again, the mixing of the two cultures gives Piña Fraise, or Pineapple Strawberry, a unique combo that is hard to find.


Múre Pepino

Blackberry and cucumber may not be a likely pair, but La Croix pulls it off with Múre Pepino. The fresh taste of the cucumber merged with the sweet berry taste of the blackberry gives Múre Pepino a refreshing flavor.



Mangoes make you want to party and so does Mango La Croix. The name may be simple, and well…so is the beverage! For all those mango lovers, this is tour drink!



Crisp pears meet juicy peaches in Peach-Pear La Croix. This combo is mind-blowing for fans of the flavor. Two completely different flavors somehow meld together as one.



Just as it sounds, Cran-Raspberry marries cranberries and raspberries together to give us a tart flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, the pink is delightful!


Pomme Bayá

Apple-Berry or Pomme Baya puts a unique twist on the already interesting merging of Spanish and French culture. Taking the crisp apple and the sweet and soft berry and mixing them inside a sparkling water is unheard of…until now.



The first of its kind, LaCola takes your favorite cola flavor and zaps away the calories. The attractive can lets you know that this cola is still a cola! Everyone loves cola!



If you want the berry flavor without having to try a combo, then Berry La Croix is your guy. This drink is pure berry for all of those berry fanatics out there.



If you thought orange and tangerine were one in the same, you were sorely mistaken. Tangerine is a rare flavor only found at very select locations! So keep an eye out!


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