Kendall Jenner gets, not only the cover but the whole magazine

Kendall Jenner on September Vogue Cover!
As if people weren’t envious of Kendall Jenner already, the 20 ­year­s-old model has now pulled off the rare feat of getting her own edition of Vogue but also taking the September Cover as well.
A lot of models might have killed for the same position as Kendall.

The most beautiful thing of the year

Daily Mail reported that it is official; Kendall Jenner is the hottest model in the world right now. I know you can always say that “who is the hottest” is subjective, and everyone has a different idea of who is beautiful, who is hot but I don’t think anyone can admit that the September cover of Vogue isn’t one of the most beautiful things that we have seen this year.


What it means in 2016

2016 has not been the best year for love and beauty, but the September cover of Vogue is a little firefly in the dark tunnel that is this year.



Her reaction to getting the September edition

For a bit of background information, on Thursday the magazine celebrity, Kendall Jenner, revealed on social media that she debuted on the cover of Vogue. The thing is; the September Vogue is a big deal to models around the world. So, what she said on Instagram makes more sense; “I f***ing did it! September Vogue! This is the coolest thing ever!” The cover apparently made her cry, which I am not surprised by. She does look beautiful on the cover.




Why she celebrated getting the September cover

The reason September is one of the best months for a magazine is because September has long been held as the release of any magazine to celebrate the trends for the following year. That’s why anyone who finds themselves on the September cover of any magazine should probably jump up and down and shout celebrations.



Kendall Jenner thanks us all

She thanked people on her app; “Thank you to everyone who was a part of this ­ including my family and friends for always supporting me, and, of course, my fans who have been with me through everything. I couldn’t have done it without your support. I love you all!”. That was a wonderful reaction to being on the cover of the September Vogue. I wish the best for Kendall Jenner, and I hope she remains the beautiful soul I have seen from her in her life.


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