Scariest Amusement Park Rides

Ready for the scariest ride of your life?

If you’ve ever been on an amusement park ride you thought was scary, then think again! After comparing it to these scariest amusement park rides your adventures will seem like child’s play!



Insanity lives up to its name! It is located at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. After reaching the top of a 1,149-foot building, insanity pushes you almost 70 foot past the edge of the building and spins you almost 3Gs over the Vegas strip.

The ride has different settings, so each time you go, you’ll be able to experience a different adventure as you are spun over 40mph at a 70 –degree angle! But don’t worry, there are over 100 variations, so even those with weak stomachs and hearts can take part!


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