Top 10 Movie Sequels

Some of these sequels are even better than the orginals!

Back to the Future II

Not saying that Part II is better than the original, but it does add a lot to the series. It seems Part III could be a standalone installment, but Part II relies on the first movie to really come together, and that it does. Not many movies do a good job of bringing back scenes from the first movie and making it work. So kudos to Back to the Future!


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

So, all three Indiana Jones movies were good. Yep, I’m not counting that fourth one. You can hardly beat Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Temple of Doom does a good job following up. This prequel takes place during a time before the Indiana Jones we fell in love with in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The second movie was good, though The Last Crusade may be even better!


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