Top 10 Quentin Tarantino’s Greatest Movies Ever

Ranking all the iconic movies of legendary director Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino – two words that substitute a very large sentence: “The guy that takes a slightly unordinary subject and turns it into a standard action movie, yet he does it so well in his own hack’n’slash super-gory reckless style that it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.”

Yet the best thing about his movies isn’t the action itself, it’s the irrelevant conversations that the characters are constantly having, and yet they are executed so well you could listen to them for hours. Who would’ve ever thought that a video club counter boy had so much jargon in his magnificent mind? That being said, it’s extremely hard to determine which of his movies is better than the others, but we’ll give it a go.

1. Inglourious Basterds

HA! Were you expecting something else? It’s right underneath. Inglourious Basterds, however, contain this intangible mountain of authenticity in the way characters talk and interact. Of course, every other Tarantino’s movie has it, but it’s so intricately devised in this particular example, and that’s most likely because of the actors.

Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz were the perfect picks for the roles they’ve been assigned, which can be witnessed in the skillful execution of Tarantino’s mind-blowingly well-written dialogues (all the other crazily good performance aside).

2. Pulp Fiction

Without any need for introduction, all we’re going to say on the matter of its importance is the following: 40% of people worldwide claim this to be their favorite movie when interviewed. The majority of this planet’s inhabitants have seen this legendary film, and hopefully, many generations to come will follow the same path.

Is there an acting crew more iconic than Tim Roth, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman? Hardly, but has anyone ever fused four separate stories into one in a more immaculate manner? Absolutely not.

3. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2

So you’re a hack’n’slash director and you’re looking for inspiration to write about a murderous woman left for dead. Where do you look? Japan, of course. Tarantino is known for his obsessions with the Japanese cinema, and he eventually decided to honor it by incorporating its elements into American film.

Uma Thurman’s greatest performance deserves many awards indeed, but did you know that Tarantino’s shooting plans for various scenes are actually being used as learning examples at film academies all across the globe? That’s right, and the one that’s particularly admired by experts is the opening of the bar performance scene.

4. Reservoir  Dogs

Harvey Keitel and Quentin go way back, even to the beginning of his directing career. Quentin told Harvey about this outstanding idea for a movie, showed him the script, and it was actually so good that Keitel agreed to co-produce it.

This is how the legend we know today was born, with hard work and dedication of a regular 9-5 worker, and the imagination and creativity of a pure genius. Reservoir Dogs is Tarantino’s second film in a row, but it’s the first big move he ever made.

5. Django Unchained

Never before has a tale of the still taboo age been told with so much emotion and recklessness, with so many old yet contemporarily incorporated story elements. We’ve known for a while that Tarantino dares cross even the most feared borders in the world of directing and writing, but the airing of this film takes that statement to a whole new level.

You could view Django Unchained as a complete collection of everything Tarantino’s movies are about, as it contains all of his writer and director signatures: the dialogues, the action, the blood, the cruelty, the pettiness.

6. The Hateful Eight

Tarantino’s most recent masterpiece tells a tale from the period where slavery was coming to an end, with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead. Again, there’s the thrill of bounty hunting greatly involved in everything that’s going on (just like in Django Unchained), but this time it’s the profiles of various badasses of the bygone era that are in focus.

Quentin tells us another silly yet brutal story of the way the world used to be, enhanced with the imagination and creativity of his supernatural mind.

7. Jackie Brown

If you’re looking to see what every classic Miami beach comedy and San Francisco mafia movie is trying to bring to the screen, seek no further. Jackie Brown encompasses all of the elements that have made these genres popular back in the day, and Tarantino developed this basic idea so originally that it left everyone flabbergasted. What’s more is that the lead character is a woman, which is very rare when it comes to his movies.

8. Death Proof

There are quite a few movies that feature serial killers in their most destructive scenarios, with the extra spice of lusty evenings with ladies that never suspected the existence of their murderous nature. Yet, none of them have had a weapon as original as that of the main character of this film.

He kills with the passenger seat of his car, and he personally prefers getting a lap-dance from a friend of the girl he’s actually going to kill. He is definitely a sick man, but his illness isn’t portrayed by the usual blood boiling scenes of mental fits. Instead, he simply does what he wishes without any remorse, and that is shown in a way one can’t fully arrange into words.

9. Four Rooms (segment “The Man from Hollywood”) 

His third movie in a row was a collaboration with three other screenwriters and directors, who had agreed to write four separate stories all occurring in one hotel. Then, they together came up with ways for them to blend in and create almost a theatre-like atmosphere of four different plays.

These plays later turn into a hilarious yet brutal film with some of the most ridiculously funny characters we’ve ever encountered in the world of film.

10. Sin City

Since Rodriguez and Tarantino have had a few minuscule collaborations in the past, Robert decided to invite him over as a special guest director during the shooting of Sin City. We’re not sure which exact scenes he personally worked on, but the sheer quality of this outstanding feature speaks for itself.

When you see Tarantino’s name on the screen at a cinema, you know you gave your cash for supreme quality, for he is the unmistakable all-father of unscrupulously delicious bloodshed films.

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