5 GoT Fan Theories That Sound Absolutely Perfect

Game of Thrones is one TV series that rose to fame quickly; and amazingly, it has been sitting at the top from a long time now. The TV series needs no introduction and all of us, the fans, love it and hate it for more than one reason. While all of us have that one favorite character (who will eventually die), we cannot neglect the others because this bad-ass TV show has knitted all the characters so well in the story that the outcome is simply WOW. GoT is filled with unthinkable twists and turns at unexpected timings which is not only the selling point of the show but also the reason the fans have been coming up with interesting as well as weird theories explaining certain events in the series. Here are 5 such jaw-dropping theories that will leave you gasping for air.

Sansa might be Pregnant

Remember the point where Rasmsay tells Sansa – “You can’t kill me. I’m part of you now.” Well the internet has gone wild over this and most of the fans are speculating that Sansa might be bearing Ramsay’s child inside her which explains why would Ramsay say something like this to her. However, another possibility could be that Ramsay permanently scarred her emotionally or physically which would also somehow explain these lines. Hopefully the child theory would fail. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Arya and the Waif

In one of the episodes, Waif stabs Arya. Now this was fine and meaningful until one of the Redditors came up with a question – “What if both of them are the same person?” Well, at first, this sounds ridiculous but once you consider the fact that Arya has been suffering from Personality Disorder causing her to split and fight with herself. This stabbing could be a violent break between her real self and part of her that has joined the faceless men.

Daenerys Might be the Ultimate Villain

Ok, so she has been portrayed as a hero for long now. She gives amazing speeches, frees slaves, rides dragon and does everything that we are not used to seeing in common in GoT but what if she turns out to be the ultimate villain? You cannot neglect that she is indeed a mass murderer and she hasn’t even reached Westeros yet. What if she is just waiting to reach Westeros before this khalasar creates a chaos.

The Princess That Was Promised

In one episode, Melisandre refers to Jon Snow as the “Prince that was promised” but considering her past record, this could be another failed attempt at predictions. In fact, a few fans feel that Melisandre might just be the ‘Princess that was promised’. Although it is still unsure that she herself hasn’t realized it yet but awakening the dragons from the stone, getting reborn under the red star and possessing mystical armor against fire does mean something. I personally feel that she knows but is holding it back to add mystery to her character.

Is Tyrion A Targaryen Too?

He is not; at least till now he is not but what if he turns out to be. He has all the qualities to be a Targaryen – likeness for dragons, love for fire and his no-fear dragon performance, this little guy has done everything to make us believe that he might just be a Targaryen. Another factor that leads to this fan theory is the fact that his mother had an affair with a Targaryen and he might be his son. This is going to be interesting!

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