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    Top 10 Americans Who Married Royals

    Yes, Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle is official. Not surprisingly, the fact that an American is about to enter the British royal family is all over the news, as Meghan will be the first American ever in the British monarchy. But she is certainly not the only American to marry a royal. We bring […]

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    Top 15 Sexiest Celebrity Couples of 2017

    After all the breakups and bad times of Hollywood romance in previous years, 2017 has finally brought some sweet news for fans, with several celebrities going public with their relationships. From Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to Shay Mitchell and Amy Poehler, the stars were too swept up in love to shy away from paparazzi, […]

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    Barack Obama, the Good Leader knows How to have fun like no one!

    Mr. Ex President sure does know how to fill the gap when he is not leading the country. Well, you’ll never guess how many hobbies mister former president has. Spare time spends in thrilling activities. Some of those are playing golf, kitesurfing, cycling, rafting and many others. We already consider Barack Obama someone who knows […]

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    Megan Fox Dominates the beaches with her Hubby

    Unofficial award winner “sexiest mother of three”. Megan keeps leaving beach visitors speechless. How is she able to keep that fit body we’ll never know? But one thing we know she is still smokin’ hot. The body of a Transformers goddess still remains to be at its peak like from the movie sets. She somehow […]

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    Taylor Swift, “Good Girl Gone Bad“

    Have you ever imagined turning a “good” girl into something total opposite? A cute little girl turned into a sex goddess, with a death stare that can turn a man into stone. So how come childhood sweetheart became every man’s wet dream. All thanks to the main editor Edward Enninful. Who is the mastermind behind […]

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    Malia Obama, New Trends are Rising

    New trends huh? You wonder how come ex-presidents daughter shock the fashion scene. Malia is making through11 Plugin Update her internship on whole new level. Making her caterpillar boots her signature. We could see hers crazy yet styled fashion combos. But at the end caterpillars are always there to contribute her own style in a […]

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    Rihanna As Reincarnated Egyptian Empress

    Vogue Arabia chose perfect woman for this role of Egyptian beauty. Rihanna not only slews the looks of the Nefertiti. But also she does it in a mysterious way as she struck a pose on the cover. Rihanna looks beautiful as always. But there is something about this costume that gives her a little more […]

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    Ruby Rose shared her Photo and Her Reason is Irritating

    When you see a photo of an actress like Ruby Rose in full makeup, you may be thinking about how “perfect” she is. But just recently on her Instagram stories, she shared a photo of her face breaking out with acne. She blames her breakouts to bacteria from different sources and from stress. A lot […]