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Top 10 Celebrity Death Unsolved Mysteries

Most shocking celebrity deaths of all time

Let’s face it, when it comes to celebrities, almost everyone is curious about their lives. Not a day goes by when people all over the world are glued to their television or laptop screens to know the latest in the celebrity world. In most cases, the more controversial the issue is, the more people care about it. It’s sort of a… guilty pleasure for most. Not only that, but people seem to genuinely care about what happens to celebrities.

So what happens when one of the hottest stars of the season suddenly dies right under everyone’s noses? And with no known cause? The world is shocked and people ask why, the answers aren’t so readily available, even years after their death. Below is a list of such cases where the world lost someone famous under mysterious circumstances.

1. Michael Jackson – Died: June 25, 2009

The death of this very popular icon left the world speechless and disbelieving when the news was first announced. Being one of the most controversial celebrities made his death difficult to grasp, especially since he had a comeback concert coming up. According to Michael Jackson’s physician, he had died due to an overdose of drugs following a cardiac arrest and had even claimed that he tried resuscitating the pop star before he called for help.

Despite these claims, Murray was sentenced to 4 years in prison, allegedly due to his incompetence in administering anesthetics to Michael. Was it really Murray’s fault or did Michael Jackson inadvertently cause his own death?

2. Brittany Murphy – Died: December 20, 2009

Fun, vibrant and at the peak of her career, Brittany Murphy left the world too early and the official cause given was because of pneumonia, multiple drug intoxication, and iron deficiency anemia. The world mourned her loss and it could have very well ended there. However, her father requested for further tests to be done on her blood, hair, and tissue.

Surprisingly, the results had shown that she might have been poisoned. Sadly, her case has not been reopened and so we are left with theories and speculations on whether her death was due to her illness or something more sinister.

3. Anna Nicole Smith – Died: February 8, 2007

This reality star had graced our television screens for years and had also been featured in different tabloids because of her controversial life. Colorful and outspoken, she made a name for herself years after coming from humble beginnings. She had become even more of a celebrity sensation after her husband died.

She fought for her inheritance in a long and tedious court battle. Since then she gave birth, lost her son, got married and after 5 months was found dead in her hotel room, allegedly due to a drug overdose. However, because of the circumstances of her death – gaining a big inheritance then giving birth to a daughter, many are left wondering if she did, in fact, mean to overdose on drugs.

4. Biggie Smalls “Notorious B.I.G.” – Died: March 9, 1997

Another celebrity at the peak of his career, Biggie Smalls had started taking over the hip hop scene as it was becoming more and more popular in the 90’s. Because of his fame, though, he found himself in the middle of a growing rivalry between the West Coast and the East Coast. As far as rivalries go, this had escalated to a dangerous level. Because of it, he was shot four times in the chest in the early morning of March 9.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after and they never found his shooter. Some have speculated that his shooting was an act of revenge for another mysterious death, that of Shakur the year before. Such a tragedy for the hip-hop world.

5. JonBenét Ramsey – Died: December 25, 1996

A beautiful young pageant queen filled with life and promise was lost by the world too early at the age of 6 years old. At first, she disappeared from her home and all that was left was an anonymous ransom note, asking for $118,000 for her safe return. A few hours later, her lifeless body was found in their home, without a word from the alleged kidnappers.

She was hit on the head and strangled. Her parents were said to have been acting strangely from the beginning and her mother had been the prime suspect in her murder, DNA samples found on her clothes suggest that there was an unknown third party involved in her murder, and thus it remains unsolved.

6. Kurt Cobain – Died: April 5, 1994

A very talented musician, artist, songwriter, guitarist, and poet had so much promise. He was loved by many and had a promising career ahead of him. So, it was a shocker when he was found dead at his home in Seattle and his death was officially ruled as a suicide.

However, some say that his committing suicide was suspicious as there was a very big amount of heroin in his system when he died, meaning he could not have been able to have the strength or awareness to turn a shotgun on himself. Also, there were no legible fingerprints on the gun, which makes conspiracy theorists believe that he may have been murdered.

7. Elvis Presley – Died: August 16, 1977

Elvis Presley, the most iconic male singer of all time and a heartthrob to many, lived a life of fame and fortune. Though his famous death on the toilet had been ruled as an overdose of drugs, there are conspiracies and speculations about it until now.

The weirdest of all being that he’s actually still alive until now, based on alleged sightings of The King in various places. Because of all these rumors, the investigation regarding his death had been reopened and, oddly enough, it has been declared that he had suffered a heart attack. So the big question is… what really happened?

8. Bruce Lee – Died: July 20, 1973

One of the most famous Martial Artists of all time was the legendary Bruce Lee. He has been a household name in the past and he had gained a lot of fans since he had a lot of talents! Aside from being a Martial Artist, he was also an actor, philosopher, filmmaker and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do.

Sadly, however, he had died when he was just 32 years old because of an alleged allergic reaction to Equagesic. In spite of this official report, urban legends have appeared and endured, claiming that there was a curse on his family, murdered by triads or that it was a late reaction from Dim Mak strike. Intriguing, isn’t it?

9. Marilyn Monroe – Died: August 5, 1962

Probably the most famous and iconic female celebrities of all time is the late Marilyn Monroe. You’ve probably seen pictures of her and can’t deny that she was beautiful and seemed like she was full of life. So it was surprising when news came out that she was found dead in her home due to an overdose of barbiturates and the official report was that she had committed suicide.

But then a lot of cynics have claimed that there was no trace of drugs in her stomach, which means that she did not take the drugs herself. When she died, she was said to have been in a relationship with John F. Kennedy and her body was covered in bruises. Did she actually commit suicide or had something more sinister ended her life? Well, it remains suspense!

10. Elizabeth Short – Died: January 15, 1947

A young and aspiring actress from the 1940’s, Elizabeth Short gained most of her fame after she died because of the gruesomeness of her death. Being one of the oldest unsolved mysteries in Los Angeles, Elisabeth Short’s death was truly chilling.

Her body was found in a vacant lot, horrendously disfigured and cut in half. The media then sensationalized her death and she was given the name “Black Dahlia.” Her story then inspired a novel and a movie as well. In any case, her murderer was never found and brought to justice.

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