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Top 10 Shockingly Rich Pop Stars And Their Net Worth

10 Richest pop stars that will shock you with their astonishing net worth

We all know that the world of showbiz is full of cash for anyone taking part in it, but there’s some ridiculous info as well. It looks like some pop stars have actually made the money that some of the biggest CEOs and shareholders on the planet are expected to.

How? Well, we are willing to bet that no matter how numerous the consumers of whatever product a company man can sell, they don’t outnumber the twelve-year-olds that spend more time on YouTube than studying. How much are we exactly talking about? Read on through our top 10 list to find out.

1. Madonna ($560,000,000)

That’s over half a billion dollars made by pleasing the female audience only. You can even see the part where she actually stuck to her genre, before going downhill with 15-year-old idol songs where she behaves like a horny teenager.

Nevertheless, Madonna is the world’s highest grossing pop star with this incredible amount of cash. It’s thus understandable why someone’s daughter would want to take her path in life. She’s fabulous, gorgeous (as can be at this age), she pays all the bills and she makes cool videos.

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